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  1. How could I order a Brudeli Leanster 654L?
    The production of the Brudeli Leanster 654L stopped in 2012 and is not for sale anymore. But the customers are very satisfied with their vehicles.
  1. Can I buy a used Brudeli Leanster 654L?
    We do not know of any vehicles available for sale. And since the initial customers do not want to sell them it is not realistic to expect a low price if any used ones come up for sale.
  1. Is it possible to buy and install the front suspension as a kit of the Leanster to a two-wheeled motorcycle?
    I am sorry, but we have stopped selling the Leanster as well as the front suspension parts. We are not selling kits or parts for building a similar vehicle. The investment to start such a production is too high.
  1. Can you put me in contact with any of the buyers of the Leanster 654L?
    With respect to privacy, we do not provide any information about the owners of the Leanster 654L.
  1. Can you share any technical information about the front suspensions?
    The patented technology in the front suspension of the Leanster is bought by Yamaha Motorcycles. No information about this technology will be shared. We will only accept to be hired for work that is not in conflict with the sold patent.
  1. We have a project with an idea or a prototype and need support to develop this further. Could Brudeli Tech become a partner/investor/co-owner to develop this to a product ready for the market?
    Brudeli Tech is not a company that take an active role as an owner in startup companies. We need to be paid for the hours that we put in to the project.
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