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Brudeli Tech AS

Brudeli Tech is a company where development of new technology is always on the agenda. The only fulltime employee is the owner Geir Brudeli, but we still like to express that our innovation and development process is always a “we” process and a team effort. To create a good team with the customer and other partners in the project is always important. We have a network of several experts and suppliers that can contribute in system deliveries.

Our main business is to develop new concepts and products!

The experience from the automotive industry (motorcycle, car and heavy duty truck) have many times shown to be very useful for other markets. Suspension and transmissions has a lot of technology that could be carried over to use in other products. Mechatronics are continuously changing the opportunities. Brudeli Tech’s contribution in such new products will be to optimize the functional performance and mechanical design. With the background from automotive industry the cost model will never be forgotten!

Our focus is to have long term business relationship with only a few selected customers.

Please do not hesitate contact us to discuss an innovation and technical project where you would like to hire an experienced and enthusiastic team member.

Del denne siden med andre!

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