More than 10 years ago, Geir Brudeli saw an old Swedish army motorbike with skis, driving on the icy roads in the forest of Norway. This trigged his desire for adventure.  Coming from a creative family, with his background in automotive engineering and having a passion for motorcycles, he thought that this basic idea could be developed further.

In 2001 Geir founded his own company with visions of creating a new vehicle in the gap between motorcycles and small cars. Late autumn 2001 this company was converted into a public limited company with Geir Brudeli and Kjetil Eide as major owners. In the same period, the project also received its first recognition and support from the Government Consultative Office for Inventors, SVO. This was later followed up by installation grants from The Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund, SND.

The development of the Brudeli 625L started summer 2001. February 2003, the first full scale prototype was ready for test rides. The prototype was based on a Polaris Trail Blazer ATV. The first challenge for the new prototype was the Norwegian winter climate with lots of snow and icy roads. These weather conditions really gave an opportunity to test the stabilizing footboards. Itís a lot of fun to be able to control a vehicle to that extent. Later, during the summer, the prototype was also tested on bare asphalt and gravel tracks. The response and enthusiasm from the test riders has been overwhelming.

The first prototype was only intended for testing of the tilting mechanism. The work continued with a new prototype in close cooperation with Hareide Designmill. This time the process started from scratch, designing a new vehicle, keeping the test results and feedback in mind. The next version of the prototype is shorter, the tilting angle is wider and it has got a unique design. The result was the Brudeli 625L first shown at EICMA in Milano November 15th 2005. (See picture below)

Based on the prototype Brudeli 625L, work started on optimization for production, and that first production model is now ready. It is based on KTM 690 Supermoto. The new Leanster from Brudeli Tech is called Brudeli 654L and was presented first time at the Intermot in October 2008.


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